Ferdinando Rossano

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The use of adipose tissue transfer in plastic and reconstructive surgery is not new and has been studied extensively. Due to different results with regard to adipose cell damage and the level of survival of the transferred tissue in clinical practice, the authors aimed to investigate the effects of centrifugation on fat aspirates to optimize the centrifugal(More)
This study aimed to observe the effects of ultrasound waves at different frequencies on abdominal fat tissue. External ultrasound-assisted lipectomy (XUAL) via both histologic and immunohistochemic examinations was used to assess adipose tissue alterations, including cells and collagenic fibers. The results, at the immunofluorescence level, show that(More)
Excess body fat, localized adiposity, and cellulite represent important social problems. To date, techniques using radiofrequencies, cavitation and noncavitation ultrasound, and carbon dioxide have been studied as treatments for noninvasive body contouring. Ice-Shock Lipolysis is a new noninvasive procedure for reducing subcutaneous fat volume and fibrous(More)
Neurofibromatosis is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder, although it may occur as a spontaneous mutation; clinically it is characterized by typical peripheral nerve tumours (Neurofibromas) and cafe au lait spots; they are more frequent over the trunk and legs. In this particular case study a patient with neurofibromatosis is described, who, besides the(More)
This study examined the results obtained with a modern apparatus for laser hair removal (neodymium: yttrium-aluminum-garnet [Nd:YAG] laser at long impulses with a wave-length of 1,064 nm; Q-switched laser) over a follow-up period of 3 years. A large heterogeneous group of 480 patients was taken into consideration. These patients were treated according to a(More)
Poland syndrome comprises a unilateral absence of the large pectoral muscle, ipsilateral symbrachydactyly, and occasionally other malformations of the anterior chest wall and breast. The condition is more frequent among males, and usually occurs on the right hemithorax in the unilateral form. The syndrome is believed to be caused by a genetic disorder that(More)
The classic mini-abdominoplasty is a surgery generally indicated for cases in which cutaneous laxity of the abdomen’s inferior region is associated with adiposity. However, in some cases, the characteristics of the abdomen are such that resort to a traditional mini-abdominoplasty would involve an unsatisfactory final result due to the unavoidable(More)
Three different methods of sedation or sedoanalgesia using remifentanil, Propofol, or midazolam to increase intra- and postoperative comfort and to reduce neuroendocrine stress in patients who had undergone typical ambulatory cosmetic surgery under local anesthesia were studied. A sample of 90 patients who underwent upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty to(More)
Stahl syndrome, known also as “Satiro’s ear”, is a deformation of the auricle described in the nineteeth century by Stahl who included it in a classification of various deformities of ear: -Helix transversus spleniformis -Crus anthelicis trifurcata -Crus superior turgidum At present Stahl’s ear is included in the second group for the abnonnal cartilaginous(More)
Cosmetic surgery represents a particular application of plastic surgery, in which the operative competence of the discipline is focused not on the correction of pathological disorders, but on the correction of some morphologic traits not accepted by the patients, or not adherent with the aesthetic canons of the time, although they are absolutely compatible(More)
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