Ferdinando Gliozzi

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We compare predictions of the Capillary Wave Model beyond its Gaussian approximation with Monte Carlo results for the energy gap and the surface energy of the 3D Ising model in the scaling region. Our study reveals that the finite size effects of these quantities are well described by the Capillary Wave Model, expanded to two–loop order (one order beyond(More)
PURPOSE To identify factors affecting the short-term prognosis of patients with acutely exacerbated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). PATIENTS AND METHODS The 590 patients having COPD as primary disease who were hospitalized in the pneumology unit of a university hospital from 1981 to 1990 were studied. A standardized protocol for the(More)
The entanglement entropy of a subsystem A of a quantum system is expressed, in the replica approach, through analytic continuation with respect to n of the trace of the n−th power of the reduced density matrix. This trace can be thought of as the vacuum expectation value of a suitable observable in a system made with n independent copies of the original(More)
The percolating phase of whatever random percolation process resembles the confining vacuum of a gauge theory in most respects, with a string tension having a well-behaved continuum limit, a non trivial glueball spectrum and a deconfinement transition at a well determined temperature Tc. Simple numerical experiments reveal an underlying, strongly(More)
In the confining phase of any gauge system the mean squared width of the colour flux tube joining a pair of quarks should grow logarithmically as a function of their distance, according to the effective string description of its infrared properties. New data on 3D Z Z 2 gauge theory, combined with high precision data on the interface physics of the 3D Ising(More)