Ferdinando Giugliano

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A large outbreak of hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection occurred in 2004 in Campania, a region of southern Italy, with 882 cases reported between 1 January and 1 August. The local public health authorities and the Italian National Institute of Health carried out investigations in order to characterize the agent, identify the source of infection and the route(More)
Article history: Received 18 March 2010 Received in revised form 11 September 2010 Accepted 15 September 2010 Available online 5 November 2010 In his article “In Italy, North–South differences in IQ predict differences in income, education, infant mortality, stature, and literacy,” Richard Lynn claims to have found the reason causing the divergence between(More)
This paper provides the first quantitative assessment of labour productivity dynamics in Italy’s industrial sector between 1911 and 1951 and explores their links with competition policy. It relies on a newly compiled dataset and provides fresh labour productivity estimates, disaggregated by industrial branch. Its main finding is that the Fascist regime’s(More)
We present a preliminary study of preheating in laser shocks using an interferometric diagnostic. A low energy probe laser divided in two by a biprism produces an interference pattern on the rear side of a target. The expansion due to preheating causes a fringe shift before shock arrival. A streak camera produces time-resolved images of the target rear(More)
A study on the coverage of influenza vaccination among elderly people was carried out. Fity-six per cent of those interviewed had been vaccinated (weighted coverage 50%), compared with the target of 75%, but higher rates were reported in those older than 74 years and those with chronic diseases.
The article aims to present and discuss estimates of levels of human and social capital in Italy’s regions over the long term, i.e. roughly from the second half of the nineteenth century up to the present day. The results are linked to newly available evidence for regional value added in order to begin to form an explanatory hypothesis of long-term regional(More)
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