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Regio- and stereoselective monoamination of diketones without protecting groups.
) out of six showed perfect regioselectivity forthe differentiation between the two keto groups. Hence, theamination occurred exclusively at the sterically less demand-ing w-1 ketone moiety, leadingExpand
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Chemoenzymatic synthesis of all four diastereomers of 2,6-disubstituted piperidines through stereoselective monoamination of 1,5-diketones.
The regioselectivity of various enantiocomplementary ω-transaminases was evaluated for the stereoselective monoamination of designated 1,5-diketones; excellent conversions, enantio- andExpand
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Enzymatic asymmetric synthesis of the silodosin amine intermediate
Abstract Various enantiocomplementary ω-transaminases (ωTAs) were investigated in kinetic resolution and asymmetric reductive amination reactions to prepare silodosin amine. Whilst the enzymaticExpand
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Concise Chemoenzymatic Three-Step Total Synthesis of Isosolenopsin through Medium Engineering
A short and efficient total synthesis of the alkaloid isosolenopsin and its enantiomer has been achieved. The key step was a ω-transaminase-catalysed regioselective monoamination of the diketoneExpand
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Amination réductrice stéréosélective d'aldéhydes alpha-chiraux au moyen d'ω-transaminases pour la synthèse de précurseurs de la prégabaline et du brivaracétam
La presente invention concerne des procedes comprenant une etape de racemisation et d'amination reductrice stereoselective combinees dans laquelle un compose aldehyde de formule (I) est mis enExpand
Detection d'inhibiteurs de isph
L'invention concerne un procede permettant d'analyser un echantillon afin de determiner la presence ou l'absence d'une inhibition de la conversion enzymatique du 1-hydroxy-2-methyl-(E)-butenyl 4Expand
Charakterisierung der 1-Hydroxy-2-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl-4-diphosphat-Synthase (IspG-Protein)
Die 1-Hydroxy-2-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl-4-diphosphat-Synthase (IspG-Protein) katalysiert den vorletzten Schritt der Mevalonat-unabhangigen Biosynthese der Isoprenoidvorstufen. Es konnte gezeigt werden,Expand