Ferdinand Villena

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[reaction: see text] The spontaneous generation and stereoselective coupling of Co(2)(CO)(6)-complexed propargyl radicals have been discovered. One- and two-step complementary methods (Method A: (1) HBF(4); (2) CH(2)Cl(2), 20 degrees C; Method B: Tf(2)O, CH(2)Cl(2), 20 degrees C) provided an easy access to synthetically useful d,l-3,4-diaryl-1,5-alkadiynes(More)
The relative stabilities of thymidine-3',5'-diphosphoric acid (1) derived isomeric cations and radicals were calculated and key geometric parameters were thoroughly analyzed. The most probable sites of a hydride-ion (1', 2', 5-Me) and H-atom (4', 5', 5-Me) abstraction were identified, thus allowing prediction of the regioselectivity of potential damage to(More)
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