Ferdinand Ruedinger

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Process analytical technology (PAT) is a guide to improve process development in biotech industry. Optical sensors such as near and mid infrared spectrometers fulfill an essential part for PAT. NIRS and MIRS were investigated as non-invasive on line monitoring tools for animal cell cultivations in order to predict critical process parameters, like cell(More)
Hydrogels have become one of the most popular platforms for three-dimensional (3D) cultivation of mammalian cells. The enormous versatility of hydrogel materials makes it possible to design scaffolds with predefined mechanical properties, as well as with desired biofunctionality. 3D hydrogel constructs have been used for a variety of applications, including(More)
Introduction Typical methods for monitoring cultivation processes are offline analyses like cell counting, measurement of various substrates and products (e. g. glucose or lactate) as well as the online monitoring of several physical process parameters (temperature, pH-value or the concentration of dissolved oxygen). To improve cell cultivations detailed(More)
Introduction The Quality by Design (QbD) approach shows significant benefit in classical pharmaceutical industry and is now on the cusp to a stronger influence on biopharmaceutical applications. Monitoring the critical process parameters (CPP) applying process analytical technologies (PAT) during biotechnological cell cultivations is of high importance in(More)
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