Ferdinand Kraffer

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We review the polynomial matrix compensator equation XlDr + YlNr = Dk (COMP), e.g. (Callier and Desoer, 1982, Kučera, 1979; 1991), where (a) the right-coprime polynomial matrix pair (Nr,Dr) is given by the strictly proper rational plant right matrix-fraction P = NrD−1 r , (b) Dk is a given nonsingular stable closed-loop characteristic polynomial matrix, and(More)
The polynomial matrix equation X\Dr + Y\Nr = Dk is solved for those X\ and Y\ that give proper transfer functions X^~Y\ characterizing a subclass of compensators, contained in the class whose arbitrary element can be cascaded to a plant with the given strictly proper transfer function NrDr l such that wrapping the negative unity feedback round the cascade(More)
The aim of this work is to develop parallel concepts of column reduced polynomial matrices for proper rational matrices. A definition of column reducedness for a class of proper rational matrices is proposed and the properties of such matrices are studied, in particular reduction to column reduced form by elementary operations over the ring of proper(More)
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