Ferdinand Ihringer

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A cross-intersecting Erd˝ os-Ko-Rado set of generators of a finite classical polar space is a pair (Y, Z) of sets of generators such that all y ∈ Y and z ∈ Z intersect in at least a point. We provide upper bounds on |Y | · |Z| and classify the cross-intersecting Erd˝ os-Ko-Rado sets of maximum size with respect to |Y | · |Z| for all polar spaces except some(More)
We develop a theory for ovoids and tight sets in finite classical polar spaces, and we illustrate the usefulness of the theory by providing new proofs for the non-existence of ovoids of particular finite classical polar spaces, including Q + (9, q), q even, and H(5, 4). We also improve the results of A. Klein on the non-existence of ovoids of H(2n + 1, q 2)(More)
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