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The initial design for a distributed, fault-tolerant version of UNIX based on three-way atomic message transmission was presented in an earlier paper [3]. The implementation effort then moved from Auragen Systems<supscrpt>1</supscrpt> to Nixdorf Computer where it was completed. This paper describes the working system, now known as the TARGON/32. The(More)
Die Dermatologie birgt gute Voraussetzungen für die telemedizinische Anwendung. Ein wichtiges Einsatzgebiet der Teledermatologie könnten fachärztliche Konsile sein. Diese vergleichende Untersuchung an 120 Patienten des Universitätsklinikums Tübingen stellte sich daher die Fragen, ob die Voraussetzungen hierfür im klinischen Alltag gegeben sind, ob eine(More)
Dermatology fulfills the prerequisites for telemedicine. An important application of telemedicine might be the field of dermatologic consultations. In this comparative study images of skin disease were taken of 120 patients hospitalized in the University Hospitals of Tuebingen to answer the following questions: (1) are the preconditions in daily routine(More)
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