Ferdinand Handa

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We evaluated the efficacy of clonidine given orally preoperatively for preventing postoperative vomiting (POV) in children undergoing propofol-nitrous oxide anaesthesia for strabismus surgery. Sixty children, ASA physical status I, aged 2-12 years, received diazepam, 0.4 mg x kg(-1) or clonidine, 4 microg x kg(-1) (n=30 each) orally, in a randomized(More)
A peculiar erythemato-vesicular dermatitis caused by a beetle, seen in 77 cases is analysed. The age range was 2.5 years to 57 years. Urban to rural ratio was 3.52:1. The common sites of involvement were the exposed sites, mainly the face. Burning sensation was the commonest symptom. Lesions were tender and mainly linear. The presence of kissing lesions was(More)
Testicular functions in the form of testosterone, FSH and LH levels in serum by radio-immuno-assays, complete semen examination and a few testicular biopsies were studied in 30 men with leprosy (LL-7, BL-6, BB-1, BT-12 and 'fT-4). Serum testosterone levels were lowered in all the groups. Serum FSH and LH levels were elevated in lepromatous and borderline(More)
Urinary porphyrins were measured in thirty women on oral contraceptives who constituted the study group and in ten women using conventional methods of contraception who constituted the control group. The difference of theme an so furinary copro and uroporphyrin in the two groups.was found to be statistically insignificant. Further, the effect of duration of(More)
A quantitative assay of porphyrins in blood, urine and stool of 30 patients with atopic dermatitis, 17 without and 13 with bronchial asthma was done. Rimington's technique for the estimation of porphyrins was employed. No statistically significant difference in porphyrin levels was observed between patients without and with bronchial asthma.
DiflucortolonevalerateO.1percentand hydrocortisone acetate 1.0 percent were compared in a randomized double blind contralateral, intra individual trial in fifty-two patients. Duration of treatment was three weeks. Both the drugs showed significant response after the first second and the third weeks of treatment. At all periods the reduction in pre-treatment(More)
A quantitative assay -of faecal prophyrins was undertaken by spectrophotometric method of Rimington in forty women, of child-bearing age Thirty women- On Oral contraceptives constituted the study group and ten on other methods of contrace on served as controls. In the study group the mean and standard deviation of faecal CoProporphyrins were 6.747 and 7.215(More)