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Wound healing is actually a complex, precisely coordinated interaction between inflammatory cells and mediators, establishing significant overlap between the phases of wound healing. Chronic wounds are defined as wounds that do not follow the well-defined stepwise process of physiologic healing. The true incidence and economic impact of chronic wounds are(More)
Eruptive syringoma is a rare variant of syringoma, which typically occurs in large numbers as multiple yellow-brown colored papules. It usually presents before or during puberty. The pathogenesis of eruptive syringoma is unclear. It could represent a hyperplastic response of the eccrine ducts to an inflammatory reaction caused by an unknown trigger. The(More)
Terra firma-forme dermatosis (TFFD) is an uncommon disorder of keratinization with an unknown etiology in which patients present with dirt-like lesions that are resistant to washing. A 6-year old girl presented with the complaint of an asymptomatic brownish black dirt-like eruption on her body. Her parents reported no response to washing with soap and(More)
Malignant acanthosis nigricans (MAN) is a cutaneous sign of internal malignancy, usually an adenocarcinoma. With this report, we aim to present a rare case of concomitant colon cancer and acanthosis nigricans (AN). A 62-year-old woman with hyperpigmentation, velvety cutaneous thickening and verrucous excrescences involving the axillary, inframammar, and(More)
BACKGROUND The precision of clinical diagnosis of skin tumors is not commonly measured and, therefore, very little is known about the diagnostic ability of clinicians. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to compare clinical and histopathologic diagnoses of nonmelanoma skin cancers with regard to sensitivity, predictive values, pretest-posttest probabilities, and(More)
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