Ferdaous Hdioud

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The Multi-Criteria Recommender systems continue to be interesting and challenging problem. In this paper we will propose an approach for selection of relevant items in a RS based on multi-criteria ratings and a method of computing weights of criteria taken from Multi-criteria Decision Making (MCDM). This method proposes a correlation coefficient and(More)
The amount of information available in the web becomes astronomical day after day, as the broadcast media are increasing. This information's excess even ensures the satisfaction of different tastes, but can also confusing for users who lack experience especially this information is heterogonous and dynamic which make its research hard more than more.
Recommender Systems (RSs) cope with the problem of information overload, by providing to users content that fit with what they prefer. Generally, RSs work much better for those users on which they have more information about. Satisfying the new users becomes a challenge, as ensuring for them recommendations of quality is vital for the growth of the RS.(More)
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