Fenjin Liu

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Received by the editors on January 11, 2011. Accepted for publication on July 10, 2011. Handling Editor: Leslie Hogben. College of Mathematics and System Science, Xinjiang University, Urumqi, 830046, P.R. China (fenjinliu@yahoo.cn, qiongxianghuang@sohu.com, liuqh506@163.com). Supported by NFSC Grant No. 10961023. Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra ISSN(More)
Two graphs G and H are called R-cospectral if A(G)+yJ and A(H)+yJ (where A(G), A(H) are the adjacency matrices of G and H, respectively, J is the all-one matrix) have the same spectrum for all y ∈ R. In this note, we give a necessary condition for having R-cospectral graphs. Further, we provide a sufficient condition ensuring only irrational orthogonal(More)
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