Fengzeng Jian

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The MICOS complex (mitochondrial contact site and cristae organizing system) is essential for mitochondrial inner membrane organization and mitochondrial membrane contacts, however, the molecular regulation of MICOS assembly and the physiological functions of MICOS in mammals remain obscure. Here, we report that Mic60/Mitofilin has a critical role in the(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy intervention for patients who experienced pain during orthodontic treatment. The baseline characteristics were assessed via questionnaires and oral examinations. Four hundred and fifty eligible individuals were recruited and randomized by computer-generated block(More)
Yme1L is an AAA protease that is embedded in the mitochondrial inner membrane with its catalytic domain facing the mitochondrial inner-membrane space. However, how Yme1L regulates mammalian mitochondrial function is still obscure. We find that endogenous Yme1L locates at punctate structures of mitochondria, and that loss of Yme1L in mouse embryonic(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical diagnosis and therapy for the lumbar disc herniation requires accurate vertebra segmentation. The complex anatomical structure and the degenerative deformations of the vertebrae makes its segmentation challenging. METHODS An improved level set method, namely edge- and region-based level set method (ERBLS), is proposed for vertebra CT(More)
The purpose of this study focuses on the changes of the syrinx volume after posterior reduction and fixation of the basilar invagination (BI) and atlantoaxial dislocation (AAD) with syringomyelia. We retrospectively analyzed the clinical outcome and syrinx volume changes in 71 patients with BI, AAD and syringomyelia treated with the posterior reduction and(More)
OBJECTIVE It is difficult to completely and safely remove a tumor that is located in the subaxial cervical spine by using the posterior approach because of the anatomical characteristics. Previous reports regarding the total removal of subaxial schwannomas using the one-stage posterior approach are still limited. This study was to evaluate the feasibility(More)
1. Sato J, Ohtori S, Orita S et al (2017) Radiographic evaluation of indirect decompression of mini-open anterior retroperitoneal lumbar interbody fusion: oblique lateral interbody fusion for degenerated lumbar spondylolisthesis. Eur Spine J 26:671–678 2. Bendo JA, Ong B (2001) Importance of correlating static and dynamic imaging studies in diagnosing(More)
BACKGROUND En bloc excision of cervical chordoma is a technically complex procedure, due to the involvement and closeness of the tumor to the spinal cord, cervical nerve roots, and vertebral arteries. Studies have previously shown that en bloc excision of chordomas with negative margins improves local control and prolongs disease-free survival compared with(More)