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Germacrone is one of the main bioactive components in the traditional Chinese medicine Rhizoma curcuma. In this study, the anti-proliferative effect of germacrone on the human hepatoma cell lines and the molecular mechanism underlying the cytotoxicity of germacrone were investigated. Treatment of human hepatoma cell lines HepG2 and Bel7402 with germacrone(More)
Chloroplast transformation in wheat was achieved by bombardment of scutella from immature embryos and immature inflorescences, respectively. A wheat chloroplast site-specific expression vector, pBAGNRK, was constructed by placing an expression cassette containing neomycin phosphotransferase II (nptII) and green fluorescent protein (gfp) as selection and(More)
Seed storage proteins in wheat endosperm, particularly high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits (HMW-GS), are primary determinants of dough properties, and affect both end-use quality and grain utilization of wheat (Triticum aestivum L). In order to investigate the interactive effects between the transgenically overexpressed 1Ax1 subunit with different(More)
Avenin-like b proteins are a small family of wheat storage proteins, each containing 18 or 19 cysteine residues. The role of these proteins, with high numbers of cysteine residues, in determining the functional properties of wheat flour is unclear. In the present study, two transgenic lines of the bread wheat overexpressing avenin-like b gene were generated(More)
Cucurbitacin B (CuB) is a tetracyclic triterpene that is contained in extracts from cucurbitaceous plants and has been demonstrated to have anticancer and anti‑inflammatory activities. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether CuB exhibits anticancer effects on SH‑SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells and to analyze the underlying molecular(More)
Durum wheat is the second-most widely grown wheat species, and is primarily used in the production of pasta and couscous. The grain utilization of durum wheat is partly related to its very hard kernel texture because of the lack of the D genome and consequentially the Puroindoline genes. Our previous study reported the transformation of durum wheat with the(More)
To explore the characteristics of soil moisture heterogeneity in sand-fixing artificial vegetation area is of significance in vegetation recovery and environment control in arid regions. With the methods of traditional statistics and geo-statistics, this paper studied the heterogeneity of soil moisture in the layers from 0 to 200 cm in depth in Shapotou(More)
Avenin-like b proteins may contribute to the viscoelastic properties of wheat dough via inter-chain disulphide bonds, due to their rich cysteine residues. In order to clarify the effect of the avenin-like b proteins on the functional properties of wheat flour, the functional and biochemical properties of wheat flour were analyzed in three transgenic wheat(More)
A facile one-pot route for the synthesis of monodisperse Ag nanocrystals with a narrow size distribution is described. Uniform Ag nanoparticles with the size of around 12 nm were obtained by reduction of AgNO3 in the presence of oleylamine and polymer polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) at low temperature. It is found that temperature has a significant effect on the(More)
To improve chemicals selectivity under low temperature, a new method that involves the injection of additives into biomass pyrolysis is introduced. This method allows biomass pyrolysis to achieve high selectivity to chemicals under low temperature (300°C), while nothing was obtained in typical pyrolysis under 300°C. However, by using the new method, the(More)