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Anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects of polydatin (PD) have been demonstrated in our previous studies. Recently, we have found that PD treatment can ameliorate burn-induced acute lung injury (ALI). In the present study, we hypothesized that PD may provide protective effect against LPS-induced ALI through reducing inflammation and apoptosis. Rats(More)
PURPOSE It has been shown that visual deprivation leads to a myopic refractive error and also reduces the retinal concentration of dopamine. Exogenously 3,4-dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine (levodopa, L-DOPA) can be converted into dopamine in vivo, which safely and effectively treats Parkinson disease. Moreover, L-DOPA was also used in the treatment of amblyopia(More)
With the proliferation of cloud computing, the way of reasonable establishment of trust relationship among entities, as a vital part for forming security mechanism in cloud computing environments, is attracting increasing attention. This article introduces a trust management model based on fuzzy set theory and named TMFC including direct trust measurement(More)
The "Internet of Things"(IoT) opens opportunities for devices and softwares to share information on an unprecedented scale. However, such a large interconnected network poses new challenges to system developers and users. In this article, we propose a layered architecture of IoT system. Using this model, we try to identify and assess each layer's(More)
In wireless sensor networks, how to detect the malicious nodes and prevent them from attacking the normal nodes has become one of the most important issues. This paper introduces a new mechanism in which the sensor nodes collaborate with each other to resist denial of service (DoS) attack and protect the being attacked nodes. A reputation-based incentive(More)
With the development of micro-electronics technology, computing technology and the wireless communications technology, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has been great concerned in recent years. The architecture of WSN directly affect entire network performance, and the network performance affects the availability of WSN. The design of WSN architecture need(More)
Aiming at the problems in traditional teaching methods of computer fundamentals course, a series of reform measures are put forward, such as innovating teaching methods, paying attention to cultivate the practical ability of students, and constructing network teaching platform to enrich the teaching resources and enhance the communication between teachers(More)
Routing algorithm as a research core in the wireless mesh network, the design is good or bad is very important to network performance. In the field of ant colony optimization (ACO), models of collective intelligence of ants are transformed into useful optimization techniques that find applications in computer networking. Unbalanced traffic may lead to more(More)
In recent years, privacy preserving trajectory data publishing has gained widespread attention. Aiming at the trajectory anonymity issues in publishing trajectory data of moving target, using the inherent uncertainty of the trajectory acquisition system, and based on the case that the uncertain threshold of trajectory is variable in practical applications,(More)