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It has long been realized that social network of scientific collaborations provides a window on patterns of collaboration within the academic community. Investigations and studies about static and dynamic properties of co-authorship network have also been done in the recent years. However, the accent of most of the research is on the analysis about the(More)
Interphase heterogenous chromosomes spatially close to each other are predominantly located near the center of nuclei and are prone to incur translocations. We screened a t(8;21) (q22;q22) acute myeloid leukemia-M2 patient during three phases (post-chemotherapy, remittent stage, and relapse) and a donor of normal karyotype as control by two-(2D) and(More)
Variable supramolecular structures constructed by bis-(2,2':6',2''-terpyridine)-4'-oxyhexadecane (BT-O-C16) on a highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) surface were investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Seven different solvents (1-phenyloctane, n-tetradecane, n-dodecane, n-decane, n-octane, 1-heptanoic acid, and 1-octanoic acid) were(More)
The spindle plays a crucial role in normal chromosome alignment and segregation during meiosis and mitosis. Studying spindles in living cells noninvasively is of great value in assisted reproduction technology (ART). Here, we present a novel spindle imaging methodology, full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT). Without any dye labeling and fixation,(More)
The morphogenetic relationship between early patterning and polarity formation is of fundamental interest and remains a controversial issue in preimplantation embryonic development. We use a label-free three-dimensional (3-D) imaging technique of full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT) successfully for the first time to study the dynamics of(More)
Early patterning and polarity is of fundamental interest in preimplantation embryonic development. Label-free subcellular 3D live imaging is very helpful to its related studies. We have developed a novel system of full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT) for noninvasive 3D subcellular live imaging of preimplantation mouse embryos with no need of dye(More)
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