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Visual tracking remains a challenging problem because of intrinsic appearance variability of object and extrinsic disturbance. Many algorithms have been recently proposed to capture the varying appearance of targets. Most existing tracking methods, however, fail to estimate the scale and orientation of the target. To deal with this problem, we model the(More)
The HERA-B experiment[1, 2] is designed for observation of CP violation in the B-meson system at the HERA machine in DESY. The data acquisition and triggering system must cope with a half million detector channels, a 40 MHz interaction rate and a signal to background ratio of 10 ?10. A highly selective multi-level trigger and high bandwidth data acquisition(More)
Digital watermarks are signals embedded in multimedia data to allow copyright enforcement or to distinguish copies of the document and it's still a novel study area. While a public-key watermarking system allows two parties who have never met or exchanged a secret to send hidden messages over a public channel so that an adversary cannot even detect that(More)
A new visco-elastic contact model of traveling wave ultrasonic motor (TWUSM) is proposed. In this model, the rotor is assumed to be rigid body and the friction material on stator teeth surface to be visco-elastic body. Both load characteristics of TWUSM, such as rotation speed, torque and efficiency, and effects of interface parameters between stator and(More)
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