Fengxing Zou

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In this paper, A hybrid integer programming model is proposed for flexible job-shop scheduling problem(FJSP). Using crossover operator and mutation operator, the hybrid particle swarm optimization(HPSO) algorithm with simple particle swarm optimization(SPSO) algorithm and genetic algorithm(GA) is employed to solve this problem. Compared with SPSO algorithm,(More)
This paper has presented a three-stage method which combines the visual attention model with target detection. This method thresholds the saliency map, covers the region of interest with blocks and measure similarity between the blocks and the template. It is a new approach to segment an image on the domain of saliency to select the region of interest which(More)
Targets assignment is one of crucial problem for multi-UAVs cooperative campaign. By taking furthest campaign benefit and survival probability of UAVs as objective function, the mathematics model of targets assignment is formulated in this paper, and an approach solving targets assignment problem based on chaos optimization is proposed, whereas a new(More)
Traditional research on production scheduling in aluminum industry, aimed to certain production process, simply pursued the output as the highest aim, scheduled based on experience, so that the result of scheduling cannot reach the global optimization, and cannot realize production scheduling and resource allocation with the aim of optimal energy(More)
In order to solve the problem as too many uncertain factors, heavy workload in calculation, the difficulty of obtaining an optimal scheme, and the waste of energy caused by the irrational structure of production exist in the process of alumina ore-burden, with the minimum of energy consumption as the objective function, consider the production experience, a(More)
This paper presents an approach based on constructing control Hamiltonians to steer qubit states. When three tunable control Hamiltonians are available, we can adjust the controls to transform two-level quantum systems from an arbitrary initial pure state to another arbitrary target pure state along the unique geodesic curve on Block sphere. In terms of a(More)
The model for the energy consumption problem of the aluminum industrial production is established in this paper, and the energy consumption situation out of one ton of aluminum production is calculated. The threshold cluster analysis algorithm is a method of saving energy of the producing process. However, the choice of its distance threshold is somewhat(More)
Contra pose the character of scheduling problem in the aluminum industry, a virtual enterprise is abstracted in this paper. The VE substitute manufacturing techniques. A model of scheduling system during aluminum industry is also established based on a Multi-agent theory. As a foundation we will study the system model concerning every agent's working(More)
In this paper, we explicitly explore how to manipulate single qubits by one-rotation controls under various manipulation conditions. It is revealed that one can construct control Hamiltonian and adjust the control to manipulate quantum states. Furthermore, we comprehensively discuss how to optimize control magnitude in terms of a new kind of weighted(More)
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