Fengwu Zhou

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High Pressure Sodium (HPS) is widely used in street lighting applications because of its maturity, reliability, high lighting efficiency, long lifetime and low cost. Light Emitting Diode (LED) is expected as the next generation of lighting source due to its continuously improving luminous efficacy, better color characteristic and super long life-time. The(More)
Series-connected lithium batteries can be charged in pack mode that is most widely used in lithium battery application field. But pack charging mode will lead to cell unbalanced charging because of cell differences among series-connected batteries in electrochemical characteristic. On the other hand, the cell charging mode can avoid the imbalance problem by(More)
This paper shows that the hybrid bridge resonant converter which is based on the traditional LLC resonant converter, use DSP to toggle between the full bridge mode and the half bridge mode. So the input voltage range is enlarged, and in the high voltage range, the working efficiency is increased by 3%. The switching process between the full bridge mode and(More)
The state of charge online estimation of EV/HEV lithium battery with high accuracy is very important, Since it can be used to prolong the battery lifetime and improve its performances. Traditional SOC estimation algorithms have show their drawbacks apparently, so the Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network(AWNN) based SOC estimation model is presented. By using(More)
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