Fengwei Wang

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Merging a source mesh to a target mesh is one useful and important mesh operating technology. This paper introduces a method merging with mean value coordinates. The method firstly computes the mean value coordinates of the vertices in the source mesh with respect to its boundary. After specifying the difference between the two mesh's boundaries, it(More)
Failure detection is a basic service for building dependable cloud computing system. Unfortunately, the natural complexity of cloud computing system makes failure detectors much harder to build. In this work, we present the design, implementation, and evaluation of FDKeeper, a failure detector for cloud computing system with several features. First,(More)
The paper considers applying network-coded cooperation to enhance performance of conventional multi-hop cellular networks. For users located at coverage boundaries of base stations and relay stations, communication links are generally unreliable to provide guaranteed QoS satisfaction. In this paper we propose to perform network coding through relay stations(More)
According to the properties of bending and stretching in the cloth simulation, in order to achieve a superior cloth deformation effects, this paper proposes a new cloth simulation method based on the geometric deformation model that can preserve geometric features in the deformation better. Based on differential domain constraints condition, deformation(More)
Measuring instruments vary from one another in classification, name and attributes; therefore it is crucial to precisely manage the measuring instruments information and store them properly. For this reason, a distributed measuring instrument information management system is designed and implemented. The system uses the three-layer C/S structure and is(More)
With the rapid development of computer technology and network transmission technology, more and more demand are put forward to improve the work efficiency, which are not limited to just use computers and laptops. In most institute of Measurement, too many instrument transfer process seriously restricted the work efficiency, how to solve the problem with(More)
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