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The maglev bogie is the key subsystem for maglev train security. To ensure life and property security, it is essential to evaluate its risk level before its operation. However, due to the complexity and uncertainties of maglev bogies, a comprehensive and effective risk analysis method is needed. In this paper, a combinational method of analytic hierarchy(More)
The maglev vehicle doesn't have physical contact with the rails, so its speed and location detection system has to be designed using a non-contact measurement method. This paper simply discusses different speed and location detection methods of the maglev rail transportation, and the comparison of their merits and drawbacks is given. According to the(More)
This paper mainly researches one method of speed and location detection for maglev vehicles. As the maglev train doesn't have any physical contact with the rails, it has to use non-contact measuring methods. The technology based on the inductive loop-cable could fulfill the requirement by using an on-board antenna which could detect the alternating magnetic(More)
This paper firstly discusses the theory of speed and location detection based on the inductive looped-cable, then analyses and simulates the magnetic model of inductive looped-cable and receiving antenna, and the effect of parameters such as dimension and height is given. According to the comparison results of several solutions, the structure of inductive(More)
The position and speed detection system based on the loop-cable is a non-contact method. It could fulfill the accuracy requirements of the position and speed for the mid-speed maglev train. This paper simply introduces its working principle and describes its basic structure. Considering the maglev train is one kind of traffic tool, the induction loop-cable(More)
The position detection technology for the low speed maglev train test line in Tangshan is studied based on the inductive looped-cable. It could provide accurate position information as the maglev train's inlet parking. The paper introduces the functionality of the system, and uses the two on-board coils to receive signal. By doing the signal division(More)
In order to optimize the maintenance conspectus for urban maglev train, to improve its efficiency of maintenance, and to reduce the cost, the strategy of reliability centered maintenance (RCM) was discussed, which followed the fault regularity and adopted the fast maintenance technique. As an exploration of the traditional urban maglev train maintenance(More)
As a new-type rail transportation tool, the medium and low speed maglev train will assume the arduous task of the urban rail transportation. Whether it can run safely and reliably relates directly to the life and property safety, and meanwhile relates to the sustainable development of the maglev transportation industry. This paper provides the general(More)
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