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Constructions of Bent—Negabent Functions and Their Relation to the Completed Maiorana—McFarland Class
The problem of constructing bent-negabent functions that do not belong to the completed Maiorana-McFarland class emerges implicitly through a series of construction methods proposed recently. TheseExpand
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Further study on the maximum number of bent components of vectorial functions
In 2018, Pott et al. have studied in (IEEE Trans Inf Theory 64(1):403-411, 2018) the maximum number of bent components of vectorial functions. They have presented many nice results and suggestedExpand
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Movement Human Actions Recognition Based on Machine Learning
In this paper, the main technologies of foreground detection, feature description and extraction, movement behavior classification and recognition were introduced. Based on optical flow for movementExpand
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Entire solutions of certain class of differential-difference equations
As a continuation of our previous studies Liu et al. (J. Inequal. Appl. 2014:63, 2014), we will discuss the transcendental entire solutions of the following type of differential-difference equation:Expand
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Secondary constructions of bent functions and their enforcement
Thirty years ago, Rothaus introduced the notion of bent function and presented a secondary construction (building new bent functions from already defined ones), which is now called the Rothaus Expand
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Secondary constructions of highly nonlinear Boolean functions and disjoint spectra plateaued functions
In this paper, we modify a generalized indirect sum construction to construct functions with high nonlinearity. By utilizing the modified construction, highly nonlinear functions in (n+m) variablesExpand
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New secondary constructions of Bent functions
In this paper, we first present a novel secondary construction of bent functions (building new bent functions from two already defined ones). Furthermore, the algebraic degree and algebraic immunityExpand
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Positioning Research for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on PSO Algorithm
Based on the traditional DV-Hop algorithm and in order to overcome its existing drawbacks, an improved DV-Hop algorithm is brought forward in this paper by using the PSO algorithm. Through simulationExpand
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Constructions of 1-resilient Boolean functions on odd number of variables with a high nonlinearity
In this paper, we concentrate on the design of 1-resilient Boolean functions with desirable cryptographic properties. Firstly, we put forward a novel secondary construction to obtain 1-resilientExpand
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Constructing Bent Functions Outside the Maiorana–McFarland Class Using a General Form of Rothaus
In the mid 1960s, Rothaus proposed the so-called “most general form” of constructing new bent functions by using three (initial) bent functions whose sum is again bent. In this paper, we utilize aExpand
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