Fengrong Sun

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Using a single confidence threshold will result in a dilemmatic situation when simultaneously studying positive and negative association rule (PNAR), i.e., the forms A⇒B, A⇒¬B, ¬A⇒B and ¬A⇒¬B. A method based on four confidence thresholds for the four forms of PNARs is proposed. The relationships among the four confidences, which show the necessity of using(More)
This paper proposes a method of extending the optimal linear transformation (OLT), an image analysis technique of feature space, from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) so as to improve the activation detection performance over conventional approaches of fMRI analysis. The method was: (1) ideal hemodynamic(More)
The optimal linear transformation (OLT), an image analysis technique of feature space, was first presented in the field of MRI. This paper proposes a method of extending OLT from MRI to functional MRI (fMRI) to improve the activation-detection performance over conventional approaches of fMRI analysis. In this method, first, ideal hemodynamic response time(More)
In this paper is presented the research and development of a new myocardial contrast echocardiography (MCE)-based quantitative analysis system for myocardial microcirculation. The system can measure the values of A, beta, A x beta, A-EER (endo-epi ratio of A), beta-EER and A x beta-EER from the signal intensity of real-time 2-D grayscale images and power(More)
Shepp-Logan head phantom is the classical model of simulation computing in Computerized Tomography. This paper proposes a new method--considering 3D Shepp-Logan head phantom as the basic reference model to carry on simulation experiment and algorithms performance evaluating in three-dimension medical image reconstruction field. The paper introduces the(More)
An extremely compact high voltage peaking capacitor is developed. The capacitor has a pancake structure with a diameter of 315 mm, a thickness of 59 mm, and a mass of 6.1 kg. The novel structural design endows the capacitor with a better mechanical stability and reliability under hundreds of kilovolts pulse voltage and an inner gas pressure of more than 1.5(More)
This article reports a quantitative analysis software system for myocardial contrast echocardiography (MCE). It can measure the signal intensity of grayscale images and power Doppler images, draw the time-intensity curves of variations on the intensity of microbubbles scattering in subendocardial layer and subepicardial layer with the pulsing intervals, and(More)
Iris location is one of key steps in iris recognition system. Utilizing erosion operator, the inner-edge of iris was located. We reconstructed the 3D surface of eyeball by viscosity solution of Eikonal equation in shape from shading. According to the change rate between iris and sclera on the 3D surface, outer-edge of iris was picked up. For eyelids, a(More)
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