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To assess the effect of the NFKB1 -94ins/del polymorphism on cancer, we conducted a meta-analysis based on 25 studies including 8,750 cases and 9,170 controls. Overall, the -94ins/del polymorphism was associated with cancer risk in the pooled analysis and in Asian population, whereas no association was observed in Caucasian population. Stratified analysis(More)
In this paper, we present a Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics(SPH) implementation algorithm on Multi-GPU which is used for physics-based interactive fluid animations by the parallel framework. We employ the SPH method of a particle-based pure Lagrangian approach to discretize Navier-Stockes equation for diverse fluid animations. In order to simulate the(More)
We present a modified feature point descriptor (M-BRIEF) based on Binary Robust Independent Elementary Features (BRIEF). BRIEF is much faster both to build and to match than SIFT and SURF, and it yields a better recognition as well. However, the matching results are not robust when the viewpoint changes obviously. In our paper, M-BRIEF automatically adjusts(More)
Multimedia automatic annotation, which assigns text labels to multimedia objects, has been widely studied. However, existing methods usually focus on modeling two types of media data or pairwise correlation. In fact, heterogeneous media are complementary to each other and optimizing them simultaneously can further improve accuracy. In this paper, a novel(More)
In this paper, we implement a new interaction method for the application of augmented reality using ARToolKit and OpenCV SDK. First, on the basis of the exiting marker-based tracking system, this paper achieved the multi-marker tracking that solved the tracking failure problem when the single marker is partially occluded, which greatly improves the(More)
In this paper, we design and implement an effective framework for interaction simulation based on real shadows and virtual shadows. Within the specified depth range, we firstly identify different physical objects with the method of HSV. And then in order to get the position of interaction tool, we use central moment to find the centroid of the physical(More)
Defect extraction techniques are studied regarding the silicon wafer surface defect. We design a new filter based on multiple structuring elements and suggest an improved marker-based and region merging watershed. To begin with, the filter which generalized close-opening and open-closing filter based on the morphological filter with multiple structuring(More)
It is a new aspect of engineering science that uses augmented reality and collaboration technology to aid the design and maintenance of large equipments. To meet the requirement of the design and manufacture of commercial aircraft in China, CAR-CA (Collaborative Augmented Reality for Commercial Aircraft Design and Maintenance) is developed now to aid the(More)
In the system of cloth simulation, the process of cloth deformation together with the method of self-collision detection have great significance on how to simulate cloth deformation fast and realistic on computer. In this paper, we present a novel contour test based on the star-shaped property of a polygon, the central data structure for efficient execution(More)