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MicroRNAs (miRNA) precursor (pre-miRNA) molecules can be processed to release a miRNA/miRNA* duplex. In the canonical model of miRNA biogenesis, one strand of the duplex is thought to be the biologically active miRNA, whereas the other strand is thought to be inactive and degraded as a carrier or passenger strand called miRNA* (miRNA star). However, recent(More)
We have isolated a genomic clone encoding Acanthamoeba castellanii TFIID. The clone contains the entire TFIID gene, 300 bp of 5' promoter sequences and several hundred base pairs of 3' non-coding sequence. The coding region is interrupted by two short introns, but is otherwise identical to Acanthamoeba TFIID cDNA. Comparisons between forty four Acanthamoeba(More)
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