Fengqi Hao

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Eimeria spp. are the causative agents of coccidiosis, a major disease affecting the poultry industry. A recombinant non-antibiotic Escherichia coli that expresses the Eimeria tenella SO7 gene was constructed and its protective efficacy against homologous infection in chickens was determined. The three-day-old chickens were orally immunized with the(More)
To make up the shortcoming of numerical controlled machine fault diagnosis, a comprehensive fuzzy decision-making method is proposed in this paper. The new method combines fault phenomenon with fault reason. Based on the theory of fuzzy mathematics, the fuzzy relationship model between fault phenomenon and reason is established. And the comprehensive fuzzy(More)
Synthetic Decision Support System is combined with online analytical processing, data mining, model libraries, databases and knowledge bases. It will become one of the key technologies of data management services of Internet of Things, and it will establish the foundation for the smart city. This paper researches on the sequential pattern mining for(More)
The design of agricultural machinery navigation autopilot system for practical problems includes double RTK-DGPS receiver, navigation tracking controller, intelligent control terminal, the steering Angle sensor, automatic steering control valve group and other parts. According to the functional requirements, system adopts hierarchical control strategy,(More)
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