Fengping Yan

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A 1.94 μm switchable dual-wavelength Tm(3+) fiber laser employing two high-birefringence fiber Bragg gratings (HB-FBGs) is demonstrated. The polarization hole burning effect enhanced by the HB-FBG is first observed and adopted to guarantee stable dual-wavelength operation in the spectral region near 2 μm at room temperature. The wavelength spacing between(More)
For the first time the effects of arc fusion splicing on the residual stress and refractive index of large-mode-area single-mode ytterbium-doped fibers (YDFs) are investigated using a state-of-the-art three-dimensional concurrent stress-index measurement method. The results, based on a commercially available fiber, describe a host of perturbations that(More)
A novel technique to simultaneously compensate dispersion-induced power fading for multi-service radio-over-fiber (RoF) links is proposed. At the central office (CO), a phase-coherent orthogonal lightwave generator (POLG) consisting of a polarization rotator (PR) and a single-driver Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) is used. By adjusting a polarization(More)
The near and far field coupling behavior in plasmonic and metamaterial systems have been extensively studied over last few years. However, most of the coupling mechanisms reported in the past have been passive in nature which actually fail to control the coupling mechanism dynamically in the plasmonic metamaterial lattice array. Here, we demonstrate a(More)
A kind of switchable and spacing-tunable dual-wavelength thulium-doped silica fiber laser based on a nonlinear amplifier loop mirror is presented and experimentally demonstrated. By adjusting the polarization controllers (PCs), stable dual-wavelength operation is obtained at the 2 μm band. The optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) is better than 56 dB. The(More)
A new orthogonal-polarization dual-wavelength fiber laser by fabricating a uniform FBG and a chirped FBG in a polarization-maintaining erbium-doped fiber (PM-EDF) is proposed and demonstrated. The wavelength space is 0.18nm and the optical signal-to-noise ratio is greater than 50 dB with pump power of 246-mW. Chirped FBG is used to make the reflectivity(More)
High stability single- and dual-wavelength compound cavity erbium-doped fiber lasers (EDFLs) with ultra-narrow linewidth, high optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) and widely tunable range are demonstrated. Different from using traditional cascaded Type-1/Type-2 fiber rings as secondary cavities, we nest a Type-1 ring inside a Type-2 ring to form a passive(More)
This paper describes the design and operation of a narrow linewidth, linear cavity, erbium-doped fiber laser with saturable absorber. The saturable absorber, spliced to a narrowband fiber Bragg grating, acts as a transition fiber grating with narrow bandwidth that automatically tracks the lasing wavelength. Laser output power was ~2.5mw at 1544.39nm for a(More)