Fengpeng Yuan

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Smartphones frequently notify users about newly available messages or other notifications. It can be very disruptive when these notifications interrupt users while they are busy. Our work here is based on the observation that people usually exhibit different levels of busyness at different contexts. This means that classifying users' interruptibility as a(More)
Conventionally, the route recommendations given by GPS navigation applications have been considered as the optimal route search problem only between two locations - origin and destination [1]. Sometimes people want to visit several intermediate locations prior to reaching their final destination. For example, travelers may want to visit a diner and a gas(More)
Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) methodology was used to examine the emotional context of nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI). Forty-seven adolescents and young adults used a novel smartphone app to monitor their emotional experiences, NSSI thoughts, and NSSI behaviors for 2 weeks. Momentary changes in both negative and positive emotions predicted greater(More)
The ubiquitous presence of mobile devices has led to an inevitable increase in the number of notifications. It can be very disruptive when notifications interrupt users at an inappropriate time. For example, irrelevant notifications that arrive when you are in an important meeting could be obtrusive. Therefore, when to interrupt the user becomes a defining(More)
Energy-efficient localization is increasingly important for many types of smartphone apps. The research community has argued that fixed duty cycling of GPS is not a good choice for trajectory-based services concerning route accuracy. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of a highly accurate map matching and path construction algorithm.(More)
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