Fengming Li

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Spatial shaping of light beams has led to numerous new applications in fields such as imaging, optical communication, and micromanipulation. However, structured radiation is less well explored beyond visible optics, where methods for shaping fields are more limited. Binary amplitude filters are often used in these regimes and one such example is a photon(More)
In this paper, the stability and nonlinear vibration of an axially moving isotropic beam with simply supported boundary conditions are investigated. The equation of motion of the axially moving beam is established using the assumed mode method and Hamilton' s principle. For the linear system, the natural frequencies of the beam under different moving(More)
The nitrification ability of different layers in a subsurface constructed wetland treating sewage was measured. The experiment results showed that the ability of nitrification was decreased along the direction of water flow in the subsurface wetland. The constants of ammonia oxidation rate and nitrite oxidation rate in the slag layer on the bottom were(More)
Inspired by the limb structures of animals/insects in motion vibration control, a bio-inspired limb-like structure (LLS) is systematically studied for understanding and exploring its advantageous nonlinear function in passive vibration isolation. The bio-inspired system consists of asymmetric articulations (of different rod lengths) with inside vertical and(More)
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