Fengling Wang

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A new sesquiterpenoid, namely Linerenone (1), together with three known sesquiterpenoids (2-4), were isolated from the fruits of Lindera communis. Their structures were determined by extensive spectroscopic analysis including 1D, 2D-NMR and HR-MS spectra. Compound 1 showed significant cytotoxic activity against H460, ES2 and DU145 cancer cells with IC(50)(More)
This paper studied some structure characters of the Pholiota nameko polysaccharides (PNPS-1), including morphology under SEM and AFM, also the effects of PNPS-1 on the maturation of bone marrow dendritic cells (BMDCs) via concrete changes both inside and outside BMDCs. These impacts on BMDCs were assessed with use of inverted phase contrast microscope for(More)
The integrin αVβ3 receptor emerged as one of the most promising targets owing to its high expression on the surface of various malignant tumour cells and tumour angiogenesis endothelial cells, but with little expression in mature endothelial cells and the majority of normal cells. Here, we report a new targeting ligand FQSIYPpIK (FQS) with high affinity to(More)
Mitochondrial-oriented delivery of anticancer drugs has been considered as a promising strategy to improve the antitumor efficiency of chemotherapeutics. However, the physiological and biological barriers from the injection site to the final mitochondrial action site remain great challenges. Herein, a novel mitochondrial-targeted multifunctional nanocomplex(More)
OBJECTIVE Shared genetic variants in ADIPOR1 have been identified as closely related to coronary artery disease (CAD), type 2 diabetes (T2D), and T2D with CAD susceptibility, suggesting that these variants are strong candidates for the common soil hypothesis. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the relationship between ADIPOR1 variants and the(More)
Spinosin, a flavone-C-glycoside, is a bioactive ingredient isolated from a traditional Chinese herb Zizyphi Spinosi Semen. In this study, a new high-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass/mass spectrometry method was developed and validated to determine spinosin in brain tissues including olfactory region, hippocampus, corpus(More)
A polysaccharide purified from Pholiota nameko (PNPS-1) was found to have anticancer and anti-inflammatory activity. This study investigated the effect of PNPS-1 on the nuclear factor (NF)-κB signaling pathway of TLR2 small interfering RNA-silenced murine bone marrow-derived dendritic cells (BMDCs) and relevant mechanisms. The expression of messenger RNA of(More)
Cationic materials have been reported as promising tools for targeting to mitochondria which are the "power houses" and "metabolic garbage keepers" of cells. However, their positive nature also restricts their in vivo application due to the quick clearance. Herein, we fabricated a nanohybrid consisting of the pH-responsive N-(2-hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide(More)
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