Fenglin Peng

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The World Data Center (WDC) for Geophysics, Beijing, was founded in 1988. Supported by The Chinese Academy of Science and The Ministry of Science and Technology, our center has made much progress in recent years. The center has not only established the database to restore data which contain heat flow data, geomagnetic data, gravity data, etc. but also put(More)
Implementing modern education needs an education system, which is a group of elements relating organically together including teaching organization, teaching facilities, teaching staffs and so on, as its support. Education system is the basis for implementing education activities. In the view of the characteristics of different education activities, how to(More)
How to evaluate network management capability is one of important research topics about network management. This paper proposes a novel quantity evaluation method of network management capability, Network Management Capability Model. In this paper, key factors about network management capability, such as network resource gross, distribution, heterogeneity,(More)
Value based management (VBM) aims to promote value of enterprise. In the management process, value of enterprise is changed dynamically and the value change corresponds to an event which happens to the enterprise, such as success of new product development, fall of share price and so on. In other words, an event indicates a change of enterprise value. In(More)
Value based management (VBM) aims to promote value of an enterprise, and value engineering (VE) aims to promote value by least cost. Combining these two ideas, this paper proposes a value-event path model based value engineering analysis methodology. In a management process, value of an enterprise is changed dynamically and the change of the value(More)
Enterprise Information System (EIS) is an important guarantee of modern enterprises' normal operation and growth. As a type of information system, EIS can be regarded essentially as a set of enterprise's information processing units which are interactively communicating. Based on this cognition, this paper uses the thought of discrete event system as the(More)
Since the 1990s, our center’s geophysics database has been available on the Internet (http://gp.wdc.cn and http://wdc.geophys.cn). Based on HTML language, the website offers simple data service and is being constantly upgraded and improved. We have adopted ORACLE as the database and use JSP (Java Server Pages) technology to create dynamic pages. The basic(More)
In this report we introduce the development of the WDC for Geophysics, Beijing included our activities in the electronic Geophysical Year (eGY) and in the transition period from WDC to WDS. We also present our future plans. We have engaged in the development of geophysical informatics and related data science. We began the data visualization of geomagnetic(More)
At present, the increasing size, distribution and heterogeneity of Internet, more and more diverse measurement tools, and users’ application requirements make integrated network measurement important in resolving these fundamental problems of network measurement. A good choice for integrated network measurement is policy methodology. In this paper, as a(More)
Big enterprises usually have a great variety and a large amount of resource with heterogeneous forms. This situation has been one of main problems restricting enterprise's management efficiency. How to make integrated analysis and use all kinds of enterprise's resource comprehensively, high-efficiently, and flexibly, is the key of enterprise's subsistence(More)
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