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This paper discusses the compatibility issue between policies of Web services, which could refrain the automatic composition of these Web services from smoothly progressing. Policies regulate/constrain the functioning of Web services at three levels identified by business, behavior, and privacy. Because independent Web services collaborate with one another(More)
The biochemical methane potentials for typical fruit and vegetable waste (FVW) and food waste (FW) from a northern China city were investigated, which were 0.30, 0.56 m3 CH4/kgVS (volatile solids) with biodegradabilities of 59.3% and 83.6%, respectively. Individual anaerobic digestion testes of FVW and FW we re conducted at the organic loading rate (OLR) of(More)
Bioinformatics is a fast-growing inter-disciplinary field in which the demand for quality education exceeds the supply, especially in developing regions and countries. A massive open online course (MOOC) is a new model for education that delivers videotaped lectures and other course materials over the Internet for all interested persons around the globe to(More)
With the advance of various location-acquisition technologies, a myriad of GPS trajectories can be collected every day. However, the raw coordinate data captured by sensors often cannot reflect real positions due to many physical constraints and some rules of law. How to accurately match GPS trajectories to roads on a digital map is an important issue. The(More)
A bowtie is a filter used to shape an x-ray beam and equalize its flux reaching different detector channels. For development of spectral CT with energy discriminating photon-counting (EDPC) detectors, here we propose and evaluate a dynamic bowtie for performance optimization based on a patient model or a scout scan. With a mechanical rotation of a dynamic(More)
The functional testing system for gas-fueled automobile engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is designed based on LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench). The system hardware is composed of engine ECU, data acquisition(DAQ) boards, a personal computer and some external circuits. This system mainly tests the three functions of ignition(More)
The goal is to develop new architectures for computed tomography (CT) which are at an ultra-low-cost for developing countries, especially in rural areas. The proposed general scheme is inspired by the recently developed compressive sensing and interior tomography techniques, where the data acquisition system targets a region of interest (ROI) to acquire(More)
A pre-patient attenuator ("bowtie filter" or "bowtie") is used to modulate an incoming x-ray beam as a function of the angle of the x-ray with respect to a patient to balance the photon flux on a detector array. While the current dynamic bowtie design is focused on fan-beam geometry, in this study we propose a methodology for dynamic bowtie design in(More)
The objective of this paper is to extract concave and convex feature regions via segmenting surface mesh of a mechanical part whose surface geometry exhibits drastic variations and concave-convex features are equally important when modeling. Referring to the original approach based on the minima rule (MR) in cognitive science, we have created a revised(More)
Circle, line and circular arc are the common basic graphic elements in industrial computed tomography (ICT) image. The algorithm of recognizing such elements is the key to industrial CT image precise vectorization. An industrial CT image vectorization system has been studied, including different recognition methods for these elements. Firstly, based on(More)