Fenglin Liu

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Bioinformatics is a fast-growing inter-disciplinary field in which the demand for quality education exceeds the supply, especially in developing regions and countries. A massive open online course (MOOC) is a new model for education that delivers videotaped lectures and other course materials over the Internet for all interested persons around the globe to(More)
Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been shown to play essential roles in almost every important biological process through multiple mechanisms. Although the repertoire of human lncRNAs has rapidly expanded, their biological function and regulation remain largely elusive, calling for a systematic and integrative annotation tool. Here we present AnnoLnc ((More)
For a micro-Computed Tomography (Micro-CT) system, the microfocus X-ray tube is an essential component because the spatial resolution of CT images, in theory, is mainly determined by the size and stability of the X-ray focal spot of the microfocus X-ray tube. However, many factors, including voltage fluctuations, mechanical vibrations, and temperature(More)
The objective of this paper is to extract concave and convex feature regions via segmenting surface mesh of a mechanical part whose surface geometry exhibits drastic variations and concave-convex features are equally important when modeling. Referring to the original approach based on the minima rule (MR) in cognitive science, we have created a revised(More)
A pre-patient attenuator ("bowtie filter" or "bowtie") is used to modulate an incoming x-ray beam as a function of the angle of the x-ray with respect to a patient to balance the photon flux on a detector array. While the current dynamic bowtie design is focused on fan-beam geometry, in this study we propose a methodology for dynamic bowtie design in(More)
The last quarter century has witnessed major advancements that have brought biomedical imaging to a paramount status in life sciences. Generally speaking, the scope of biomedical imaging covers data acquisition, image reconstruction, and image analysis, involving theories, methods, systems, and applications. While many kinds of imaging modalities, such as(More)
Circle, line and circular arc are the common basic graphic elements in industrial computed tomography (ICT) image. The algorithm of recognizing such elements is the key to industrial CT image precise vectorization. An industrial CT image vectorization system has been studied, including different recognition methods for these elements. Firstly, based on(More)
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