Fenglei Gao

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Production of chimeric mice is a useful tool for the elucidation of gene function. After successful isolation of embryonic stem (ES) cell lines, there are many methods for producing chimeras, including co-culture with the embryos, microinjection of the ES cells into pre-implantation embryos, and use of tetraploid embryos to generate the full ES-derived(More)
In this paper, we have demonstrated that europium oxide (Eu(2)O(3)) is a new type of active catalyst for single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) growth under suitable conditions. Both random SWNT networks and horizontally aligned SWNT arrays are efficiently grown on silicon wafers. The density of the SWNT arrays can be altered by the CVD conditions. This(More)
Increasing numbers of reports show that imprinted genes play a crucial role in fetal development, and uniparental embryos, which possess two paternally or two maternally derived pronuclei, are excellent tools for investigating the biological significance of imprinted genes. In the present study, to examine the in vitro developmental ability and expression(More)
Diphtheria toxin A (DTA), a segment of the diphtheria toxin (tox), inhibits protein synthesis in cells. When released from a cell, DTA is nontoxic and cannot enter other cells independently without the help of diphtheria toxin B. In this study, we artificially synthesized the DTA gene sequence and cloned it into pEGFP-N1 to generate the recombinant vector(More)
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