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To improve the performance of particle swarm optimization and differential evolution, the diploid differential evolution particle swarm optimization was presented according to the genetics rules. The algorithm was applied into the Open Vehicle Routing Problem. In the algorithm, dominant character and recessive character were included in every individual.(More)
A Surfels 3D reconstruction method based on improved KD-Tree is put forward, firstly collecting the discrete point cloud data through RGB-D camera, replacing the circular or oval surfel model with hexagonal model for modeling and determining the surfel radius in light of neighborhood distribution of sample points; Moreover, doing inside and outside(More)
—The technology of three-dimensional reconstruction based on visual sensor has become an important research aspect. Based on Newton iteration algorithm, the improved 3D normal distribution transformation algorithm " (NI-3DNDT) is put forward, aiming to fix the problem of discrete point cloud registration algorithm in poor astringency and being open to local(More)
The massive point cloud data obtained through the computer vision is uneven in density together with a lot of noise and outliers, which will greatly reduce the point cloud search efficiency and affect the surface reconstruction. Based on that, this paper presents a filtering algorithm based on Voxel Grid Statistical Outlier (VGSO): Firstly, 3D voxel grid is(More)
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