Fengjun Hu

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The required core competencies of outstanding information technology outsourcing (ITO) engineers were analysed and the results outlined in this article. Several shortcomings are discussed that exist in the outstanding ITO engineers’ training in traditional software-related specialties at undergraduate universities. An overall plan has been proposed to train(More)
The massive point cloud data obtained through the computer vision is uneven in density together with a lot of noise and outliers, which will greatly reduce the point cloud search efficiency and affect the surface reconstruction. Based on that, this paper presents a filtering algorithm based on Voxel Grid Statistical Outlier (VGSO): Firstly, 3D voxel grid is(More)
The technology of three-dimensional reconstruction based on visual sensor has become an important research aspect. Based on Newton iteration algorithm, the improved 3D normal distribution transformation algorithm” (NI-3DNDT) is put forward, aiming to fix the problem of discrete point cloud registration algorithm in poor astringency and being open to local(More)
Stereo vision system used to reconstruct a 3D scene from 2D images taken by a pair of optical cameras (left and right images) and it is used to estimate the distance of the object. The modified version for the (SAD) algorithm is called the Canny Block Matching Algorithm (CBMA) to find the Disparity map, the algorithm consist of two parts the Canny edge(More)
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