Fengjiao Li

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The presented movable vision measurement for the three-dimensional (3D) surface of a large-sized object has the advantages of system simplicity, low cost, and high accuracy. Aiming at addressing the problems of existing movable vision measurement methods, a more suitable method for large-sized products on industrial sites is introduced in this paper. A(More)
Router security analysis plays a vital role in maintaining network security. However, IOS, which runs in Cisco routers, has been proved carrying serious security risks. And in order to improve security, we need to conduct vulnerability mining on IOS. Currently, Fuzzing, as a simple and effective automated test technology, is widely used in vulnerability(More)
Si single quantum dots (QDs) and Si/Ge double QDs doped TiO2 films were successfully fabricated via layer-by-layer ion beam sputtering assisted by annealing treatment, and their morphology and optical absorption performance were analyzed in this paper. TEM images show that Si QDs and Si/Ge double QDs prepared in the TiO2 matrix are in a uniform size(More)
Single vision sensor cannot measure an entire object because of their limited field of view. Meanwhile, multiple rigidly-fixed vision sensors for the dynamic vision measurement of three-dimensional (3D) surface profilometry are complex and sensitive to strong environmental vibrations. To overcome these problems, a novel flexible dynamic measurement method(More)
When a train is running on uneven or curved rails, it generates violent vibrations on the rails. As a result, the light plane of the single-line structured light vision sensor is not vertical, causing errors in rail wear measurements (referred to as vibration errors in this paper). To avoid vibration errors, a novel rail wear measurement method is(More)
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