Fengji Liang

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MicroRNAs can regulate hundreds of target genes and play a pivotal role in a broad range of biological process. However, relatively little is known about how these highly connected miRNAs-target networks are remodelled in the context of various diseases. Here we examine the dynamic alteration of context-specific miRNA regulation to determine whether(More)
Identifying patients most responsive to specific chemotherapy agents in neoadjuvant settings can help to maximize the benefits of treatment and minimize unnecessary side effects. Metagene approaches that predict response based on gene expression signatures derived from an associative analysis of clinical data can identify chance associations caused by the(More)
The purpose of this study was to find the circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) co-related with bone loss induced by bed rest, and testify whether the selected miRNAs could reflect the bone mineral status of human after bed-rest. We analyzed plasma miRNA levels of 16 subjects after 45 days of -6° head-down tilt bed rest, which is a reliable model for the(More)
It is still unclear whether there exist functional constraints on the evolution of protein ubiquitination sites, because most previous studies regarded all protein ubiquitination sites as a whole or only focused on limited structural properties. We tried to clarify the relation between functional constraints and ubiquitination sites evolution. We(More)
Microgravity has many detrimental impact on brain functions, however the underlying mechanism remain unclear. In present study, 28 days of tail-suspension (30°) was used to simulate microgravity in rats. We showed that oxidative stress in hippocampus was increased after 28 days of simulated microgravity in consideration of the decreased expression of(More)
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