Fenghui Yao

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This paper proposes an algorithm for solving subsets of typical (canonical) jigsaw puzzles. This algorithm combines shape and image matching with a cyclic ''growth'' process that tries to place pieces in their correct positions. First, the jigsaw pieces are extracted from the input image. Then, the corner points of the jigsaw pieces are detected. Next,(More)
This paper presents a novel method for detecting multiple moving targets in real-time from infrared (IR) image sequences collected by an airborne IR camera. This novel method is based on dynamic Gabor filter and dynamic Gaussian detector. First, the ego-motion induced by the airborne platform is modeled by parametric affine transformation based on feature(More)
This work relates the development of an automatic concrete-tunnel inspection system by an autonomous mobile robot. It was motivated by the accidents happened recently, that were caused by the fallen parts of the inner-wall of the concrete-tunnels. This brought about the serious damage of the national property, and led to the great worries of the whole(More)
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