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Behavioral Caenorhabditis elegans mutants are sought for the purposes of neurobiological research. Until now, large numbers of worms with neuronal defects have been obtained through mutagenesis techniques. However, the existing screening procedures are not only time-consuming and low-throughput, but also tedious and labor-intensive. Therefore, developing a(More)
The recovery of the geometric structure of a 3D point set from its images is fundamental in computer vision. Among other projective reconstruction methods, the direct derivation of projective invariants from uncalibrated images is attracting. There are many forms of projective invariants. For a set of seven 3D points in general position, its geometric(More)
A basic problem in computer vision is to recover the projective structure of a set of 3D points from its 2D images. It is known that 3D projective invariants of six points can be computed from three uncalibrated view images. In the previous method, three homogeneous polynomial equations in four variables relating the geometry of the six 3D points and their(More)
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