Fenghua He

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—The problem of observer design for Lipschitz nonlinear systems is considered. A new dynamic framework which is a generalization of previously used Lipschitz observers is introduced and the generalized sufficient condition that ensures asymptotic convergence of the state estimates is presented. The equivalence between this condition and an H optimal control(More)
This paper considers a networked evolutionary game. According to strategy updating rules, a method is proposed to calculate the dynamics of the profile, which is expressed as a k-valued logical dynamic network. This dynamic model is then used as a framework to analyze the dynamic behaviors, such as emergence etc., of the networked evolutionary game. To(More)
This paper proposes two kinds of approaches of angular rate sensing for micro-spacecraft with a gyrowheel (GW), which can combine attitude sensing with attitude control into one single device to achieve a compact micro-spacecraft design. In this implementation, during the three-dimensional attitude control torques being produced, two-dimensional spacecraft(More)
A gyrowheel (GW) is a kind of electronic electric-mechanical servo system, which can be applied to a spacecraft attitude control system (ACS) as both an actuator and a sensor simultaneously. In order to solve the problem of two-dimensional spacecraft angular rate sensing as a GW outputting three-dimensional control torque, this paper proposed a method of an(More)
— In this paper, we investigate the analysis and control design problem of a finite-time time-varying linear system of which the performance at the terminal moment is concerned. A finite-time gain measure performance index is proposed and the necessary and sufficient condition is provided that guarantees the performance index smaller than a pre-specified(More)