Fenghao Zhang

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Nowadays, erasure codes have been widely used in data storage to achieve high fault-tolerance. However, compared with replica-based storage, erasure-coded system may suffer significant performance overhead in encoding, decoding and updating. Traditional updating schemes(e.g. DUM and PUM) use an individual manager node to accomplish the updating. In this(More)
We present a power-efficient scheme for erasure-coded storage clusters---ECS<sup>2</sup>---which aims to offer high energy efficiency with marginal reliability degradation. ECS<sup>2</sup> utilizes data redundancies and deferred writes to conserve energy. In ECS<sup>2</sup> parity blocks are buffered exclusively in active data nodes whereas parity nodes are(More)
In this paper, we propose a multi-level fault-tolerant storage cluster called MFTS, which provides flexible reliability for a wide variety of applications. MFTS makes use of a reliability upper-bound (i.e., Parameter r) to guide the process of adjusting fault-tolerance levels, i.e., i-erasure(s) and i {1, 2, .. ., r}. In particular, MFTS can map an(More)
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