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BACKGROUND The non-human primate (NHP) research community has been intensely interested in obtaining whole-genome expression arrays for their work. Recently, novel approaches were used to generate the DNA sequence information for a rhesus GeneChip. To test the reliability of the rhesus GeneChip across different centers, RNA was isolated from five sources:(More)
MOTIVATION Due to the existence of the loss of synchrony in cell-cycle data sets, standard clustering methods (e.g. k-means), which group open reading frames (ORFs) based on similar expression levels, are deficient unless the temporal pattern of the expression levels of the ORFs is taken into account. METHODS We propose to improve the performance of the(More)
BACKGROUND Affymetrix GeneChips utilize 25-mer oligonucleotides probes linked to a silica surface to detect targets in solution. Mismatches due to single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can affect the hybridization between probes and targets. Previous research has indicated that binding between probes and targets strongly depends on the positions of these(More)
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