Fengfei Zhao

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UML class diagram layout is an important task in software visualization to enhance people's comprehension about the systems. In this paper, we describe a novel UML class diagram layout algorithm, called rank-directed method, which captures the difference in relationships among classes and stresses significant classes. As a layout algorithm, rank-directed(More)
Reinforcement learning (RL) in real-world problems requires function approximations that depend on selecting the appropriate feature representations. Representational expansion techniques can make linear approximators represent value functions more effectively; however, most of these techniques function well only for low dimensional problems. In this paper,(More)
Stream data is considered as one of the main sources of big data. The inherent scarcity of labeled instances and the underlying concept drift have posed significant challenges on stream data classification in practice. A paired ensemble active learning framework is proposed to tackle the challenges. First, an ensemble model consists of two base classifiers(More)
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