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The present study aimed to investigate polypoid colonic metastases from gastric stump carcinoma by performing a retrospective analysis of the clinical data of a patient with such a diagnosis, and by discussing other previous case studies from the literature. The patient of the present study was an 80-year-old male who had undergone a gastrectomy 48 years(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the corresponding influence on pulmonary embolism incidence between immobilization and exercise in different stage of thrombus after acute deep vein thrombosis in rabbits. METHODS Forty-eight New Zealand rabbits were randomly divided into three groups depending on the different organized stage of thrombus: the early, medium and later(More)
Nocardiosis is a rare bacterial infection of either the lungs (pulmonary) or body (systemic) that usually affects immunocompromised individuals. It is caused by Gram-positive, aerobic actinomycetes of the Nocardia genus. Multiple high-density sheet shadows in both lungs along with nodules or cavities are the most common presentations of nocardiosis, whereas(More)
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