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AIM To assess the effects of the alpha-glucosidase inhibitor Sangzhi (Ramulus mori, SZ) on the relief of diabetic symptoms of hyperglycemia and the prevention of its late complications in alloxan diabetic rats with high-calorie chow. METHODS The aqueous extract of Sangzhi was given orally to alloxan diabetic rats for 15 days. The hyperglycemic symptoms(More)
It has been postulated that hormonal signal acts upon decidua and ammion to trigger labor via production of PGs. In our experiment the decidua cells of pregnant rats (day 19) were digested and dispersed to test the effect of oxytocin on intracellular calcium ion concentration [Ca2+]i which was measured with the fluorescent dye fura-2. Addition of oxytocin(More)
Theophylline imprinted monolithic columns were designed and prepared for rapid separation of a homologous series of xanthine derivatives, caffeine, and theophylline by an in situ thermal-initiated copolymerization technique. Caffeine and theophylline were fully separated both under isocratic and gradient elutions on this kind of monolithic molecularly(More)
Novel water-compatible molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) were synthesized in methanol-water systems with ofloxacin as templates and methacryclic acid as functional monomers. The MIPs were used as a special sorbent for the selective solid-phase extraction (SPE) of nine quinolones from urine samples, showing high affinity to the quinolones in aqueous(More)
After i.v. injection of dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHA-S) at 20 or 40 mg/kg to female rats on day 19 of gestation, the tension and hydroxyproline level of uterine cervix were decreased obviously. However, DHA-S at 10 mg/kg showed no effect on the tension of uterine cervix. DHA-S in vitro, at 0.1 mg/kg significantly increased estradiol secretion in the(More)
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