Feng-rui Song

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BACKGROUND The use of general anaesthetics in young children and infants has raised concerns regarding the adverse effects of these drugs on brain development. Sevoflurane might have harmful effects on the developing brain; however, these effects have not been well investigated. METHODS Postnatal day 7 (P7) Sprague-Dawley rats were continuously exposed to(More)
OBJECTIVE To clearly clarify the protective effect of vitamin A supplementation on immune function of well-nourished children suffering from vitamin A deficiency. METHODS Three hundred sixty-two children in two kindergartens in Wuhan China were enrolled. Detailed dietary assessment and anthropometry were undertaken to facilitate the exclusion of(More)
The stability of diester-diterpenoid alkaloids (DDA) from plants of the genus Aconitum L. has been studied in different solvents and pH buffers. The HPLC/ESIMS method for analysing the concentration of DDA was established and DDA's decomposition products were elucidated by HPLC/ESI-MS/MS(n). In different solvents, e.g. dichloromethane, ether, methanol and(More)
Electrospray ionisation-mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) was applied to analyse the water-soluble extract of red ginseng (RG). Several new compounds were produced from the Maillard reaction during the steaming and drying process for preparing RG. Both the tandem electrospray ionisation (ESI-MS(n)) and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonant mass spectrometric(More)
The method was established study the influence of different herbal combination with Radix Aconiti in the traditional medical formulae on content of the aconite alkaloids, for elucidating the scientific basis of reducing the toxicity of aconite in traditional Chinese medical formulation. The samples for ESI-MS study were prepared by decocting a mixture of(More)
Mesaconitine was incubated with rat liver microsomes in vitro. The metabolites of mesaconitine in rat liver microsomes were identified by ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS) method with high resolution power. A typical reaction mixture of 100 mol L-1 Tris-HCI buffer (pH 7.4) containing 0.5 gL-1 microsomal protein(More)
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations are performed for the spreading of a nanosized water droplet on a solid substrate subject to a parallel electric field. A combined electrostatic and Lennard-Jones potential is employed to represent the intermolecular interactions. Results show that in response to the applied field, polar water molecules realign themselves(More)
AIM To study the change of chemical compound after decocting the flowers of Aconitum kusnzoffii Reichb (FAK) by analyzing the alkaloids in FAK and the decoction of FAK qualitatively. METHODS The alkaloid extracts of FAK and alkaloid mixtures in the decoction of FAK were directly analyzed by electrospray ionization trap tandem mass spectrometry via by(More)