Feng-qing Fu

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B7-H3, a member of the B7 family of molecules, is expressed in certain types of human cancer and is important in tumor development and progression. Although several studies have reported that the expression of B7-H3 is correlated with poor outcomes in patients with cancer, its exact role in cancer remains unknown. In the present study, the expression levels(More)
AIM To explore the mechanisms by which splicing factor SC35 regulates the costimulatory molecule B7-H3 expression in vitro through bioinformatic and molecular biological methods. METHODS We screened some regulatory proteins which might take part in regulating B7-H3 expression using bioinformatic methods. Then RNA interference (RNAi) and real-time PCR(More)
AIM To obtain mouse B7-H3-Fc fusion protein and to investigate its biological function and effects on T lymphocyte activation. METHODS The genes coding extracellular domain of mouse B7-H3 and the Fc fragment of human IgG1 were amplified from pMD19-T/mouse B7-H3 and pMD19-T/human IgG1 vectors by PCR. The two genes were combined with mouse B7-H3-Fc fragment(More)
Trem-like transcript 2 (TLT-2), one of the TREM family members, which is expressed on B cells, T cells, and macrophages, plays a critical role in immune response mechanism. In this study, two novel mouse anti-human TLT-2 monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were prepared using hybridoma technology and their immunological characteristics were determined. The results(More)
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