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The study for biointerfaces at different scales in the past years has pricked up the march of biological sciences, in which biomembrane concept and its characteristics, receptor proteins, ion channel proteins, LEA proteins, calcium and newly recognized second messengers, ROS, MAPKs and their related sensors and new genes in osmoregulation, signal(More)
This paper revaluated the situation of cadmium (Cd) pollution in rice field soils of Zhangshi irrigation area in Shenyang. The results indicated that the soil Cd pollution of test area was still quite serious. The Cd content in brown rice samples ranged from 0.435 to 0.855 mg x kg(-1), which exceeded the national criteria for food sanitation in China, and(More)
In order to investigate the adsorption mechanism of trace metals to surficial sediments (SSs), a selective extraction procedure was improved in the present work. The selective extraction procedure has been proved to selectively remove and separate Fe, Mn oxides and organic materials (OMs) in the non-residual fraction from the SSs collected in Songhua River,(More)
Glyphosate has been used globally as a safe herbicide for weed control. It inhibits 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate (EPSP) synthase (AroA), which is a key enzyme in the aromatic amino acid biosynthetic pathway in microorganisms and plants. A Pseudomonas putida strain, 4G-1, was isolated from a soil heavily contaminated by glyphosate in China. Its(More)
Marine sediments from Lianshan Bay in Huludao, China, were studied in laboratory. A series of simulated experiments were carried out to investigate the influences of three kinds of anions Cl-, SO42- and HCO3 on the release of Cd, Pb, Cu and Zn from the sediments. The results showed that the sequences about the impact of the three anions were Cl- >HCO3 >(More)
A field trial was conducted in an abandoned Pb/Zn mine tailings to evaluate the effectiveness of three industrial wastes [sweet sorghum vinasse (SSV), medicinal herb residues (MHR) and spent mushroom compost (SMC)] as organic amendments on plant growth, soil nutrients and enzyme activities, and heavy metal concentrations in plant tissues and the mine(More)
The genus Xanthomonas contains plant pathogens exhibiting innate resistance to a range of antimicrobial agents. In other genera, multidrug resistance is mediated by a synergy between a low-permeability outer membrane and expression of a number of multidrug efflux systems. This report describes the isolation of a novel gene cluster xmeRSA from Xanthomonas(More)
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