Feng-mei Han

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AIM To identify the main metabolites of jatrorrhizine in rat urine. METHODS The rat urine samples were collected 0 - 72 h after ig 12 mg x kg(-1) jatrorrhizine, then the samples were purified through C18 solid-phase extraction cartridge. The purified samples were analyzed by combining liquid chromatography and tandem electrospray ionization ion trap mass(More)
Abstract: The activities of four CYP450 enzymes (CYP3A, 1A2, 2El and 2C) and the mRNA expression levels of CYP1A2, 2El, 2Cll and 3A1 in rat liver were determined after Wistar rats were orally administered with brucine (BR) at three dosage levels (3, 15 and 60 mg.kg-1 per day) and the high dose of BR combined with glycyrrhetinic acid (GA, 25 mg.kg-1 per day)(More)
To study the influence of the compatibility of ophiopogonis tuber and Chinese magnoliavine fruit with gastrodia rhizome on the pharmacokinetics of gastrodin in rat, three dosages of compound Tianma granule extract (equivalent to gastrodin 50, 100, 200 mg x kg(-1)) and one dosage of Tianma extract (equivalent to gastrodin 100 mg x kg(-1) were administered to(More)
AIM To identify anisodine and its metabolites in rat plasma after ingestion of anisodine by combining liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS(n)). METHODS Plasma samples from rats after a single orally administration of 20 mg anisodine were added with methanol to precipitate protein. Then, it was analyzed by LC-MS(n). Identification and(More)
AIM To establish a rapid and sensitive LC-MSn method for the identification of trigonelline and its main metabolites in rat urine. METHODS After optimizing the detection conditions of LC-MSn chromatography and mass spectrometry using trigonelline, its ionization and cleavage in ESI-MS and ESI-MSn modes were summarized, then serving as the basis for the(More)
AIM To analyze the gene expression profiles of mice livers injured by Leigongteng and explore the relationship between the differentially expressed genes and liver damage. METHODS The experimental mice were randomly divided into a control group and a liver-injured group in which the mice were administrated 33 mu gamma of triptolide/kg per day for 30 d.(More)
The albumin is the richest protein in blood circulatory system, which can combine with many drugs and play an important role in transporing protein. In the present work, the non-covalent interaction between human serum albumin and cinnamic acid was studied by using fluorescence quenching method. The results showed that cinnamic acid had a powerful ability(More)
AIM To identify the main metabolites of oxymatrine (OMT) in rats. METHODS To optimize the conditions of LC/ESI-ITMS' chromatograms and spectra by oxymatrine and matrine (MT), and summarize their ionization and cleavage rules in ESIMS, then serving as the basis for the metabolite analyses of oxymatrine in rats. To collect the 0-24 h urine samples of the(More)
AIM To identify the main metabolites of stachydrine in rat. METHODS The ionization, cleavage and chromatographic characteristics of stachydrine were studied by using high-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization ion trap tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI/MS) for the first time. These characteristics of stachydrine were used as the basis(More)