Feng-lian Li

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This study aims to develop a multi-metric, fish-based Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) for assessing the environmental quality of rivers in Hechi Prefecture, Guangxi Province, South China. Data on fish assemblage were collected via electrofishing We screened 21 candidate metrics representing attributes of fish assemblage. Among these, six metrics were(More)
Over the past few decades genetic engineering has been applied to improve cotton breeding. Agrobacterium medicated transformation is nowadays widely used as an efficient approach to introduce exogenous genes into cotton for genetically modified organisms. However, it still needs to be improved for better transformation efficiency and higher embryogenic(More)
As CMOS process is advancing towards the high-k/metal gate (HK/MG) technology, dummy poly gate removal (DPGR) process, one of key steps in gate-last technology, poses the challenge for its multiple-film related etching process. Its subsequent photo-resist (PR) strip process is also very difficult due to rigorous process requirements and rather limited wet(More)
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